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Communicating with Tom
For several months now, we have been producing ‘communication passports’ for use by the ward – these are a common tool for people like Tom with communication difficulties. Despite Tom’s old school providing a box full of material to help staff engage with Tom, this has been consistently ignored.

Few people have made the effort to communicate with Tom in ways he could understand, for example using visual prompts. Furthermore, much of the staff behaviour has been intimidating, and which provoked anxious responses from Tom, sometimes even panic attacks. We had to request certain basic behaviours such as that staff smile when interacting with him.

Below are some examples of some of the kinds of things we felt needed to be communicated with the ward:
Communication passport created 24/11/2012:
Communication passport produced back in August 2012:
Tom's psychiatrist has instructed:
1 item to eat and 1 item to drink ONLY, then ask Tom if he would like some more.

​It took him until 9pm on 23/11 to eat and drink this breakfast above.​​​